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We deliver the best ROI of any marketing system. 

We get results.

We specialize in a little-known marketing method that generates 100-400x ROI. 

How? It’s simple. 

While everyone is chasing “pay to play” customers and paying per click, we’ve cracked the code on creating long-term, permanent lead pipelines that, once built, deliver customers to your doors for years. 

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Founder & CEO

Demid is the founder and CEO of Client Source. 

Demid comes from a background in management consulting, where he consulted the CEOs of the world’s largest corporations. He holds an MBA from INSEAD, the world’s #1 business school according to the Financial Times. 


VP Opertions

Barbara is responsible for the heart of our operations — the pain-staking process of elevating our clients’ lead-generating funnels by interacting with journalists and countless other counterparts. 

Barbara holds a BS from LSE, the London School of Economics and comes from a Finance background. 


VP Sales

Duncan is responsible for client outreach and initial discussions to take the incredible value Client Source provides to the businesses that need them. 

Duncan is a 10-year sales veteran who ran an outbound call center and run multiple sales teams throughout his career. 

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